EasyPay Heating Oil Program

Cut your winter fuel payments virtually in half!

At Leon C Landis, Inc. we realize it might be difficult to pay the majority of your heating costs in the winter months. You can eliminate this potential burden with EasyPay, our budget-friendly heating oil payment program.

With EasyPay, we estimate your yearly heating costs based on the amount of oil you have used in the past, dividing the total into 11 monthly payments* capping it at a set price. Never pay over your capped price. If the price is below your capped price, you'll receive the lowest cost.

Our heating oil budget program means that instead of having to pay all of your heating bills in the winter, you'll pay the lower, estimated amount each month, which makes your heating expenses much easier to manage.


Why EasyPay Might Work For You

  • Auto Payment:  Best of all, if you like we can arrange convenient, automatic payments from your bank account or credit/debit card.
  • Locked in our Capped Price:  Lock in our capped oil price. This means you never go over your capped price for oil. If the price is lower than your capped price that day you will always receive the lowest price.

  • Automatic Delivery:  Our system will track exactly when your tank needs a refill, and we will come out to deliver to your location before you even know you need us.

  • Same Monthly Payments:  Same monthly payments throughout the 11 months while you're on the program. This makes it easier to budget your heating costs while saving you money at the same time!


Contact us today to enroll in the EasyPay Program!


Terms & Conditions
*The EasyPay Plan starts in July and always ends the following June. Number of EasyPay monthly payments depends on the Plan start date. Plan starting prior to July 1st will have 11 monthly payments, but Plan starting after July 1st will have the total costs divided into monthly payments based on the number of months remaining in the Plan year.