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We foster the belief that everyone deserves a hassle-free plumbing experience. Our customer care team is here to answer your questions and make sure you're happy with every step of the procedure from start to finish - it's what keeps them coming back! As for our on-call experienced technicians, you won't be disappointed.

You can always rely on us to be there for you. We earned the trust of our community, and we never forget that it is because they know who cares about them - as people instead of customers or clients!


Choosing Trusted Plumbers Near Your Area 

When searching for a contractor to service your property, you must find someone who will make the best efforts to consider every detail. Our team provides reliable services designed specifically for our local customers' needs.

If you're looking for a top-quality contractor who can care for all your needs, then look no further. We've got highly skilled experts standing by, ready to work with homeowners and business owners who want quick solutions or cost-effective installations, so they don't have any more problems in their home/business environment!


Looking For a Plumber To Fix Your Pipe Problems? Call Us! 

We are aware that finding an experienced, honest plumber can be difficult. Our team has all of these qualities and more! We offer residential services ranging from pipe repair to clearing clogged drains to bring your system back in shape - all at a fair price. You'll feel respected every step of the process.


When you need a plumber, there's only one name that comes to mind: Leon C Landis. We are the best and can handle any job - no matter how big or small it might be! That's why we maintain such high liability insurance. 

We never want anyone but our technicians working on your home or business. We employ licensed professionals, so you can be certain that your home will always get top-notch service. We also try to make it easier for our clients by assessing all possible problems and helping them through repair or maintenance.

We're a family-owned and operated company that values your satisfaction. If you need emergency services or quality work done on any of the following: plumbing, heating, and cooling (HVAC), electrical systems installation/repairs - we've got it covered! 

You can also rest assured knowing our technicians are trained experts who know all about what's going wrong with each appliance, so there won't be an issue when trying to fix them - give us a call today!