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When you choose to work with Leon C Landis, we promise that your home will be the warmest it's ever been. With top-of-the-line equipment and technicians constantly trained on the latest technological advancements, there is no better choice for all things geothermal than us!

We believe in providing the best customer service possible. We work hard to ensure that each of our clients is given individualized attention and care, which means we have ongoing training sessions for technicians. With the number of alternatives available when choosing what type or size of system will best suit your home improvement needs, you can rest assured knowing no detail will be overlooked.

Our top priority? Providing all customers with peace of mind - knowing exactly where they stand regarding geothermal technology-based heating systems.


Geothermal Heating System Installation Experts Near You 

Geothermal systems are an excellent way to heat and cool your home without using traditional energy sources, but the process can be complicated. Finding qualified contractors is tricky because of how skilled these technicians need to get before starting work on-site with you! 

Here's what we recommend:

Experience. You want to find an HVAC contractor that will be around for the life of your geothermal unit. They must be well-established and have plenty of experience in this area because it gives you more peace-of-mind knowing there is someone reliable on call when needed.

Training. You need someone who has experience and education to be at the top of their game! With all these advancements happening within our industry every day, making sure you've hired somebody who has devoted time and energy will ensure that they stay informed.

Certifications. When hiring a contractor, make sure you look at their certification and license. This way, it will be easier for the job to go smoothly without any problems or delays because of unqualified staff members who do not have proper training in HVAC projects.

A good heating/cooling professional always ensures he has the necessary permits before starting work on your house!

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We are the most qualified professionals when it comes to geothermal heating. Our technicians undergo continual comprehensive training to keep up-to-date with technological advancements and have qualifications proving how good of a job they do in this field!

You deserve the best. We have been in business for decades. Contact us today!


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